Robyn is a versatile and extensible web framework that allows anyone to make plugins over the top of Robyn. Plugins in Robyn allow you to enhance and customize the framework's functionality to suit your specific needs. Here are some noteworthy plugins that can supercharge your Robyn-based projects:

Rate Limit Plugin

  • Description: This plugin enables you to implement rate limiting for your Robyn application's routes. It helps prevent abuse, and brute-force attacks and ensures fair usage of your resources.
  • GitHub repository: robyn-rate-limits
  • Installation: python -m pip install robyn-rate-limits
  • Usage:
from robyn import Robyn, Request
from robyn_rate_limits import InMemoryStore
from robyn_rate_limits import RateLimiter

app = Robyn(__file__)
limiter = RateLimiter(store=InMemoryStore, calls_limit=3, limit_ttl=100)

def middleware(request: Request):
    return limiter.handle_request(app, request)

def h():
    return "Hello, World!"


In this example, robyn-rate-limits is used to enforce a rate limit of 3 requests per 100-seconds window for specific routes. If a client exceeds this limit, they will receive a "Too many requests" message.

The plugin integrates seamlessly with the Robyn web framework, enhancing the security and stability of your application by preventing excessive requests from a single client.

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