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A Fast, Innovator Friendly, and Community Driven Python Web Framework

Robyn merges Python's async capabilities with a Rust runtime for reliable, scalable web solutions. Experience quick project scaffolding, enjoyable usage, and robust plugin support.
from robyn import Robyn

app = Robyn(__file__)

async def h(request):
    return "Hello, world!"



Some amazing people have said nice things about us.

“Robyn has revolutionized the way I develop web solutions. Its seamless integration of Python's async capabilities with a Rust runtime not only ensures reliability and scalability but also provides quick project setup, a delightful user experience, and robust plugin support. With its exceptional speed and multithreaded efficiency, Robyn's real-time communication through WebSockets and dynamic URL routing has empowered me to create highly performant and interactive applications while maintaining full control over navigation and workflows. A game-changer for modern web development!”

Kunal Kushwaha
DevRel manager at Civo

“Having worked with a company building a Rust based open source search engine for over a year, I strongly believe in the notion that rewriting software with Rust can significantly improve software performance. Sanskar's idea to recreate Flask with Rust, was just incredible. Having used Robyn myself, it is refreshing to see such a performant Python framework and just the amazing developer ecosystem around it. Yes it still new and being developed, but I can say this with confidence that given the underlying Rust-based multithreaded run time will provide immense performance for running high throughout applications. I am glad to be one of the early sponsors and adopters for Robyn!”

Shivay Lamba
Developer Experience Engineer at MeiliSearch

“I'm impressed with Robyn. It's a fast asynchronous web framework for the Python ecosystem that's built on top of Rust. The syntax is similar to other popular web frameworks, so it's easy to learn and be productive with. I've been using it to build web applications and services, and I'm really happy with the results. I'm also impressed with the Robyn community. They are very supportive and the developers are very responsive to feedback”

Carlos A. Marcano Vargas
Technical Writer

“Great to see a Community Driven Open Source project, achieve new heights! Robyn is built by the community for the community”

Eddie Jaoude
Creator of EddieHub

“I used to be a Batman fan, but having met Robyn I now think the sidekick has become the hero. Free, OSS, straight forward and powerful, what is not to love?”

The Accessibility First DevRel

“Having used both, Flask and Django for writing web applications in Python in the past, Robyn looks like their combined successor in terms of ergonomics and features available. Its reliance on a Rust runtime for performance and security is the cherry on the cake!”

Daniel Bodky
Consultant, Trainer, Speaker @NETWAYS

“Robyn has made a big difference in my projects. Its flexible structure allows my work to adapt smoothly to my needs, even when I face complex challenges. The community-driven and open-source nature of Robyn makes it a welcoming place for developers like me. Plus, its simple yet powerful API has greatly streamlined my development process, reducing my wor oad. I highly recommend it!”

Julia Furst Morgado
Global technologist @Veeam

“Robyn opens a new chapter in the Python web frameworks scene: the Rust powered one, where performance and safety are not the sole protagonists.”

Giovanni Barillari
Author of Granian and Emmett

“I collaborate with Robyn's team and I must say, Sanskar does an excellent job maintaining the community. The project as a whole is immensely beneficial, both for collaboration and its practical uses. The tool is impressive, easy to use and the entire community is very welcoming to first-time contributors”

Jyoti Bisht
Open Source Developer

“Robyn is a breath of fresh air in web development. Merging Python's simplicity with Rust's speed, it offers a seamless experience for developers. Its features are precisely what today's web projects need. I'm particularly impressed with its community focus; it's evident that everyone's voice matters in shaping Robyn's journey. In a sea of web frameworks, Robyn stands out not just for its tech but also for its heart.”

Francesco Ciulla
DevRel at

Our Philosophy

Fast. Innovator Friendly. Robust. Community Driven.

Robyn, written in Rust, embodies speed and reliability. Our multithreaded runtime creates a highly efficient and secure environment optimized for peak performance.
Simple API.
With Robyn, complexity takes a backseat. Our API is simple yet potent, built to streamline your development process and minimize your workload.
Hacker Friendly.
While many focus on large-scale challenges that many of us might never encounter, Robyn prioritizes the broader issues most developers face. We foster innovation for all, ensuring both common and complex challenges are met with expertise. At Robyn, every developer feels at home.
Community First and Truly FOSS.
Rooted in a community-first ethos, Robyn is built with collective effort and is a true representation of free and open-source software.

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