Configuring the server through an environment file

Batman wanted to configure the server through an environment file. Changing code continuously induced the risk of error.

There are some environment variables that Robyn looks out for. e.g. ROBYN_HOST and ROBYN_PORT.

You can have a robyn.env file to load them automatically in your environment.

The server will check for the robyn.env file in the root of the project. If it is able to find one, it will parse the environment variables and the set your environment.

e.g. structure

Sample project directory


Sample robyn.env

Sample Robyn.env


To configure the max payload size, you can set the ROBYN_MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE environment variable. The default value is 1000000 bytes.


With the web application deployed and running smoothly, Batman had a powerful new tool at his disposal. The Robyn framework had provided him with the flexibility, scalability, and performance needed to create an effective crime-fighting application, giving him a technological edge in his ongoing battle to protect Gotham City.

What's next?

Batman - Thanks, Robyn. Now tell me more. Robyn - Let us learn about the Middlewares and events now!