Request Object

The request object is a dataclass that contains all the information about the request. It is available in the route handler as the first argument.

The request object is created in Rust side but is exposed to Python as a dataclass.

  • Attributes:

  • query_params (QueryParams): The query parameters of the request. e.g. /user?id=123 -> {"id": [ "123" ]}

  • headers (dict[str, str]): The headers of the request. e.g. {"Content-Type": "application/json"}

  • params (dict[str, str]): The parameters of the request. e.g. /user/:id -> {"id": "123"}

  • body (Union[str, bytes]): The body of the request. If the request is a JSON, it will be a dict.

  • method (str): The method of the request. e.g. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

  • ip_addr (Optional[str]): The IP Address of the client

  • identity (Optional[Identity]): The identity of the client


class Request:
  query_params: QueryParams
  headers: Headers
  path_params: dict[str, str]
  body: Union[str, bytes]
  method: str
  url: Url
  form_data: dict[str, str]
  files: dict[str, bytes]
  ip_addr: Optional[str]
  identity: Optional[Identity]

What's next?

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